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Colageina 10 Original Hydrolyzed Collagen/Colageno Hidrolizado Dietary Supplement

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Colageina 10 Net Weight 195 GR
Hydrolyzed Collagen: Colageno Hidrolizado

Collagen is the natural protein that gives tissues their shape and keeps them strong, without which the body would be limp and without tone.

The decrease of collagen in our body is accelerated with the concerns, the stress, the sleepless nights, lack of rest, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, makeup, pollution, overexposure to sun. These situations inevitably shabby us.

Until now we had seen the collagen in creams. The problem is that its molecules are complex and large which makes it difficult to penetrate the epidermis, therefore, are not results.

Instead, the secret of Colageína 10, which is made of hydrolyzed collagen molecule which is much smaller than the common collagen, so when ingested, is absorbed more easily and is distributed to tissues through the bloodstream and together with elastin, keratin and Vitamin C formula repairs of union between the cells that give strength to our skin *.

The valves of lymphatic and blood vessels lose their elasticity and break more easily, increasing its hardness, also encouraging the development of varicose veins and micro varices, increased blood pressure, among others.

Collagen and its benefits

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the protein of beauty, as it provides great benefits to the body in general but also specific parts of it and it works closely with other nutrients such as keratin and vitamin C, provides benefit to hair, eyelashes, nails and skin.

1. Returns youth. (Lose 10 years).
One of the main pillars of youth and the appearance is collagen, which when lost with age makes many of our attractions are affected losing strength, beauty, brightness, tone, etc.

COLAGEÍNA 10 provides the necessary acting as regenerating collagen to restore youth to the body with the dose and best presentation, achieving amazing results in short time.

2. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a nutrient for the skin
 In the absence or decrease of collagen, the skin will wear off. Their fabrics are becoming thick hair and its ability to retain nutrients and water down, so the skin becomes dry.

Collagen protein is the protein the body itself provides smoothness and firmness to the skin. Binding water, thus raising the moisture content of the skin appears smooth and velvety.

With consumption of Hydrolyzed Collagen, to be absorbed through the skin, helping it renews cells to regenerate tissue and restoring skin nourishing again.

3. It delays aging by eliminating wrinkles
The first appearances of the loss of collagen are wrinkles, they begin to appear around the eyes, neck, and décolleté.

Wrinkles are caused by physical-chemical alterations associated with aging of the skin. As time passes, you lose, gradually three important elements for the skin:

Collagen (protein fiber that gives firmness to the skin), causing it to become thinner and weaker).
Elastin is responsible for the elasticity;
Glycosaminoglycans, moisture retentive.
Moreover, the sun, smoke and pollution snuff, can also speed up the process.

Hydrolyzed Collagen gives structure to be who helps the skin to make it more resistant and fade those pesky wrinkles.

4. Help removing skin spots
Pigmented spots such as freckles and melasma is a common skin problem, which is reinforced by intensive exposure to UV radiation. Melanin is deposited unevenly in the cells of the epidermis, resulting in the formation of dark spots.

Collagen and vitamin C are recommended because of its ability to stimulate melanocyte activity. That is, help the melanin in the skin is balanced, reducing existing blemishes and preventing the appearance of new spots, resulting in fresher looking skin and even tone.

5. Provides brightness
This is based on the tone and radiance of the skin. Skin collagen levels of pigmentation and maintains adequate blood flow to reflect the natural light that makes skin look radiant and smooth "as peach skin." Also smooth and hydrated skin reflects more light, a rough skin and dehydrated.

6. Flaccidity of the body
The sagging is degradation of the fibers that hold the skin, ie collagen and elastin. Thus, when the skin is flaccid, smooth and fat loss there may appear below in the form of the famous dimpled orange peel, which is only one of many issues that concern women.

Collagen, being the "glue" that holds cells together, we will return the firm structure to the skin.

7. Eliminates acne problems
 In most cases usually affects the face and neck, resulting in complex, discomfort and other symptoms and effects typical of this skin disease.>

Collagen attacks generating a sebaceous duct obstruction, when it can not drain accumulates and becomes a habitat for the cultivation of bacteria. On the other hand, Collagen promotes tissue regeneration and remain united under the skin causes it to fill the depressions caused by acne scars.

8. It helps to alleviate the problems of psoriasis and other dermatitis
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, it is not contagious but causes scaly lesions, swollen and inflamed, with a wide clinical and evolutionary. Psoriasis skin takes a dark reddish hue.

Dermatitis is a medical term that can refer to different skin conditions: simple or rash (swelling or redness of the skin) and atopic dermatitis (rash-like scales).

Moisturizing products help to mitigate the effects of dryness and irritation with psoriasis coursing. Collagen helps to hydrate the skin from the inside.

9. Promotes the elimination or reduction of stretch marks
Stretch marks are scars that form when you tear the skin elastic grid, ie the membrane located in the dermis, responsible for ensuring the elasticity of the skin.

These are lines of red or white that appear on the skin, a consequence of stretching and reverse excessive skin that causes a break in the tissues, arise in areas like the chest, buttocks, thighs and belly. Some of its causes are sudden changes in weight and hormonal changes, may appear during puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

Making repairs and prevents collagen breakdown of collagen fibers.

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10. Accelerates wound healing
Tissue regeneration starts from the inside out until complete healing.

Collagen helps give structure to the skin. In a process of healing will activate the regeneration of the skin, helping to heal better and faster. It also helps improve the appearance of scars, restoring freshness to the skin and also helps remove bacteria located in the wound bed.

November. Aid in the treatment of burns
Since they first degree and being the dermis layer that contains the pain receptors and touch, the collagen has important properties that favor its reconstruction and help improve the appearance of a sunburned skin, liquids or hot objects, fire , etc.

12. Combat spider veins / varicose veins
Also known as telangiectasia or varicose veins, are these blood vessels and tiny red purple commonly found in the thighs or legs.

A weak skin, sensitive to temperature changes, etc. may show small broken blood vessels. Collagen also more resistant to the skin, also strengthens the tissue of blood vessels, preventing their breakdown and improving circulation.

13. Helps remove warts or petty
Common warts or petty, are swellings caused by infection of the skin. Are generated more easily if the dermis is injured. Collagen activates the skin's immune system, helping to protect and attack the infection naturally, avoiding specialized treatments that can be annoying and corrosive to the skin.

14. Improves the appearance, quality and hair care
As the cells multiply and produce keratin to strengthen the structure, are pushed by the hair through the skin surface and hair shaft (hair). Hair grows by forming new cells at the base of the root. These cells multiply to form a rod of tissue in the skin. Collagen helps the cells.

Collagen and keratin rehabilitation have proven to be efficient hair, will return the gloss, smoothness and resistance that are characteristic of a healthy and beautiful hair, also promotes growth to 6% compared with untreated hair COLAGEÍNA 10 .

Help in the fall: the scalp, which is also skin becomes more healthy, helping to make hair stronger and prevent the loss.

For dandruff: By making healthier scalp, protects microorganisms.

For dryness and dullness: These problems start, inter alia, by poor nutrition. Therefore help counteract the dryness, brightness, and split ends (stye).

For growth: Helping to develop healthy hair and therefore can grow to their maximum capacity in number and length.

15. Help and revitalizes tabs
The tabs are just a hair extension, its importance is vital because, among other functions, protect the eyes by reducing the amount of light and particles that enter them.

Abundant and long eyelashes have always been a symbol of feminine beauty. Poor nutrition, use of masks and curl make be weak, to break, lose density and some to fall. For a tab grow back, takes about two months, so it is important to look after them.

Collagen protects them strength and promoting their growth. This allows the effects of masks or other tools used to give beauty are not as harmful.

16. Nourish nails
The nails are developed in the deep skin folds of the toes and hands. As epidermal cells below the nail root move up toward the surface of the skin, increase in number and those that are closest to the root of the nail is flattened and compressed. Each cell becomes a thin plate, where the nail cells accumulate, the nail moves forward.

Collagen helps them be stronger, so their growth is easier, so it helps that do not open in layers (scales), thus avoiding to be weak and easily break.

17. Rapid absorption of collagen in the body (up to 95%).
Dr. Steffen Oesser and colleagues from the Department of General and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Kiel (Germany) conducted a study showing that orally ingested by Hydrolyzed Collagen supplements presents an absorption rate of 95% accumulate in the cartilage, which also stimulates the production of more collagen.

This hydrolyzed form allows compared to a similar product ingestible skin or solid (tablets, capsules) to be better absorbed because the latter have to release the assets and then dissolve in the gastric juices. In the case of skin products only reach the outside of the skin.

18. It contains more than 5g per dose collagen
For best results we recommend that the use of collagen is in adequate doses and the amount required to obtain benefits. COLAGEÍNA 10 contains more than 5g per dose, so that month will be consumed about 150 g of collagen. The total percentage of collagen in the product is more than 97.52% for it to be its main ingredient, we can be sure of obtaining the desired results.

Thanks to its content, the daily use of the product and its quick absorption is that we can see results in just two months.

19. Contains Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps collagen production, helping to eliminate toxins and antioxidant (protects from free radicals). Our body does not produce or store it so it is good to consume in food.

COLAGEÍNA 10 In addition to their benefits, functions as a driver of collagen, making it easier to get into our bodies.

20. Not gaining weight
It contains no fat and carbohydrates do not affect the structure and weight of the person.

Hydrolyzed Collagen can consume so even people with diabetes because it has as a sweetener (the additive that gives a sweet taste) sucralose. This sweetener characteristics, can be very useful in the diet therapy of patients with diabetes, as products sweetened with sucralose no changes in glucose, or affect their metabolism.

Patients need to reduce or maintain weight may also benefit from the use of sucralose and can also use products with a flavor similar to sugar. Sucralose contains phenylalanine, therefore, can be consumed safely by patients with phenylketonuria (PKU).

21. You can take any person
As a supplement, the product can be consumed by anyone, and not in any way affect the body.


Collagen (hydrolyzed), Vitamin C, Orange Flavor, Malic acid, Suralose, natural orange color.
Suggested Use:
In an 8oz glass of cold water, add 2 heaping spoons of Colageina Powder, stir to dissolve completely. For a better solution add Colegeina Powder then water. Take Preferably in the morning.
Pregnat or lactating women should consult a doctor before using any product. Consult your doctor before use if you have, or had any health conditions or if you are taking any medicactions or remedies. Including OTC medicactions or planning any medical procedure.
*This Statement has not yet been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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