Weight Loss Exercises – Best Exercises for Weight Loss in 2020

If you have come here, then you are looking for the best types of exercise for weight loss.

Exercise apart from weight loss is also beneficial for various health functions. It can make your bones stronger, improve the cardiovascular system and firming up the immune system.

According to the survey, half of the American population struggle to lose weight every year.

Most of them are women who keep on their expectations high from different diet pills, but in real exercise is the real deal.

Dietary modification is indeed mandatory for efficient weight loss, but without exercise, you cannot simply shed pounds in a given period.

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Losing weight doesn’t only demand you to go to the gym every other day, but it is simpler than this. You don’t expect to drop 10 pounds by pressing the machines.

Below we are mentioning every best exercise for weight loss, but remember adding them with a proper diet and positive mindset can be speeding up the results.

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Best Exercises for Weight Loss in 2020

These are pretty simple and easy-to-do exercises that you can do at your home.

Women especially seem to take more advantages from these sets of exercises so look closely.

1) Animal Movements

Animals movements like frog jumps, bear crawls and crab walks can utilize your body weight and move it through different space.

This can establish your shoulder, inner body core along with glutes and muscles. In a study, individuals who have knee problems can turn to the ape animal movement for great results.

2) Push-Ups

Push Ups involve your core and legs, which can also impact the shoulder muscles.

Those men or women who cannot do push ups in the basic version can do the modified version which involves knees of feet as you push off the surface. You can use multiple objects to push yourself off until you master this skill.

3) Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the exercises which involve every muscle of your body located in the back and arm even core.

Once your whole body is involved in the process it burns a plethora of fat. Pull-ups with assistance can also burn calories so you don’t have to stick only with the basic one.

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4) Running

Running is the best cardio for weight loss and heart health, the exercise can strengthen your legs, leg, and knee.

It is best to run outside than on the treadmill, expert suggests because this way you will use the muscles more and push yourself to the next extent. Running for 20 minutes a day is a very good fat burner.

Numerous women and men have shed excess pounds and kept them off with the aid of this simple form of exercise.

5) Cycling

Cycling is another best exercise for losing weight, which has been approved by the research group of Harvard health. 

A person who weighs 70 kg can burn 280 calories in half an hour of cycling, which is incredibly good for someone who doesn’t like the gym.

You can get the stationary bikes at your door to experience this rapid fat burn.

Cycling can improve the physical structure as well as increases insulin sensitivity, which is good for some health conditions such as coronary heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Plus, it is the best exercise to increase the absorption of calcium in the bones.

6) Turkish Get-Ups

Individuals who lack mobility and stability in their movements could use Turkish get-ups.

This requires a Kettlebell which helps to build strength from the lower core and users can start with the regular weights at the beginning. 

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7) Swimming

Swimming is the perfect exercise for those men and women who do not want to deal with the weight. It’s a unique no weight-bearing exercise that doesn’t put pressure on your joints.

Apart from being an excellent resistance exercise, swimming enables your body to burn or relocate the fat tissues.

8) Deadlifts

Deadlifts mainly involve the lower body muscles to lift the weight. This will get you ripped thighs and fast running ability.

Deadlifts could be performed without weights at the start of the training session.


Weight loss is not only the process of your body, but it’s also having synergy with your mind.

Some brain-boosting exercises such as yoga, Pilates, jogging can help boost your physical and mental endurance.

During weight loss, it is also required you to have a strong mental power so you could ignore the cravings and hunger pangs.

Speaking of hunger pangs, you can also combine this set of exercises for weight loss with natural diet pills.

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By Emma Clarkson

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