How Regularly You Should Perform Yoga?

You may know the actual definition of yoga and the effects it creates, but you may lack other important information about yoga one should bear before getting on board.

Yoga is no different from the regular exercise we perform in the gym.


And so, there is this consistency factor that comes along with it too.

However, determining how frequently your body needs yoga to reap all the benefits it boasts is very important.

Secondly, we generally start things too enthusiastically, but as the days pass, we somehow start to lose the encouragement we gather for our goals.

Same is the case with Yoga or any other training meant for fitness.

And so, in a situation where we have zero knowledge about the consistency level we need to keep, keeping up with the routine becomes more of a challenge than it could be in a normal situation.

Thus- do not embark on the voyage unless knowing when to start, how much to move and when to give it a stop.

Now the answer to this question depends on several factors for example:

  • What are you expecting from Yoga, or let’s put it this way, what benefits are you looking forward from it.
  • What is the type you are involved in?
  • What are your general habits, say, what is your lifestyle all about?

Unless you do not settle on these considerations, you should not plan your routine and get started.

How Much Yoga Do i Need?

Now Yoga, as known, is done for quite a many reasons.

For example:

  • It improves flexibility.
  • Manages stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Adds to your bodily strength and energy.
  • Supports a healthy metabolism.
  • Helps in reducing weight.
  • Good for our heart health.
  • Keep all the potential injuries at bay.

Now the list does not end here. There are several other reasons why people choose Yoga over other workouts and in fact, make it a critical part in their lifestyle.

But as we have stated earlier, you just can’t do it whenever you feel the urge or all through the day for this is not the right approach.

You need to see where you actually fall.

For example:

1) To Reduce Weight, Increase Strength and Flexibility

These are few of its key offerings that pull people to it.

But for that, there is a clear chance that you are also following cardio two-three times a week.

Now to make it a deadly combination with Yoga and produce the best outcomes from the combo, perform Yoga for the very same time.

That is, three days a week.

However, the rule is not the same for those who are planning nothing but Yoga.

For such, we suggest hot yoga for five times a week.

Remember, in a case like this; don’t forget making your way to the restorative class and giving your body the break it needs for a day.

2) Speedy Healing From Injury

Of course, this is the least you are expecting from yoga so it does not demand much frequency from you either.

For speedy recoveries, Yoga twice a week would do the good to you.


The simple rule- your goals decide how much your body will need Yoga.

The case with depression and anxiety will be completely different from that with bodily strength and energy.

Thereby, set your objectives before getting started with it.

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By Emma Clarkson

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