How to Lose Weight More Efficiently and Faster at Work

Committing to your goals is perhaps the most difficult thing when we talk about fitness. Not all of us boost the level of determination it takes to stay in shape.

Those who do, manage to stay in their best of their best shapes.

how to lose weight at work

At times, things become more complicated when you are a professional and goes to work daily.

We know that a workplace has an environment that at times become too demanding for us to either skip our meals or have it while one is busy doing its work on computer.

Now both these situations work against the process to get lighter on feet.

Of course, when we miss our meals, our body becomes short of calories needed for its functioning.

It also means that your body is made to survive on nutrients it heavily needs for its maintenance.

Even though, you may start to notice a change in your weight, but that will only be because of the losing of water weight and muscles.

All together- skipping meals is unhealthy approach towards a slimmer body.

Then comes the second common mistake people do while they are on their weight loss mission.

That is, eating while they are working on the computer.

What Experts Says About Weight Loss at Work

Interestingly, experts believe that having your meals at the desk makes you more likely to eat more, just as you do when you eat while watching the TV.

This is has also been verified by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

As per which, people who feed themselves while sitting ahead of the computer daily for a year tend to add 9lbs to their weight.

If this is true, this wouldn’t be surprise that a practice like this is highly cost-bearing for the ones struggling to budge the scale.

Now you may be thinking hard about the logic that makes it this ‘dangerous’.

Basically- it’s all about concentration!

The priorities you have set for yourself- that is- if your focus is more towards work, you may end up stuffing more calories to your body, unconsciously.

The same logic justifies why people who watch TV while having their meals gain weight or simply, fail to shed weight.

If we talk about the rough figures, experts say that you will be having 122 more unwanted calories a day than you will be having when eating attentively.

Will it Matter if i Get Myself Healthy Food at Work?

Bringing yourself healthy food at work is a great idea.

Though, it wouldn’t make any difference owing to food amnesia that is likely to happen once you get involved with work.

So what can be done?
Well, the best is to move ahead to the lunch area and have your meals there.

Essentially, this will help you be more mentally present which is extremely important in keeping the excess calories at bay.

Secondly and more importantly, try not to stay in a stagnant position once you are over with it.

Consider having a walk, a slow but steady move in the workplace will help you keep going more actively and energetically at work.

Other Useful Tips to Follow at Work

When we talk about weight loss, there are some key recommendations which we do not forget to convey to our valuable readers.

Particularly when its about losing weight more efficiently and quickly at work, these tips come across as very viable.

  • At work or at home, keep yourself away from sugary juices and drinks.
  • Half an hour before your lunch break, hydrate yourself with a glass full of water.
  • You are allowed to enjoy coffee and tea at work. After all, these possess Meta boosting effects.
  • Pick soluble and whole foods against the ones that are processed.
  • Avoid chewing and swallowing fast and choose to eat slow. The approach allows the body to generate high amount of hormones that aid weight loss.

So these were some proven ways known for supporting smart and quick weight loss.

By Emma Clarkson

Weight Loss and Fitness Expert - Emma attended the University of Nevada for earning her Master Degree in Nutrition and Diet. After graduation, Emma attended Northern Nevada Medical Center where she provided services as a Medical Nutrition Therapy experts for the out and inpatients. She has been working with people of every age group and so far the most skilled writer we ever have got.