Performix SST Reviews – Suspension Super Thermogenic Formula!

Performix SST Reviews

The new fat burner by the name Performix SST is the new weight loss supplement in the market which has created a sudden hype.

The weight loss supplement is available in 3 different products which in combination covers every aspect of the fat burn and gives you slimmer and healthy physique.

What is Performix SST?

Performix SST is the latest weight loss supplement which is available in 3 products ranges which are:

  1. Performix SST Capsules
  2. Performix SST Powder
  3. Performix SST Glow

Each product is designed for different purposes, but their main target is the same which is to prevent fat accumulation and burn maximum calorie count.

The SST stands for “Suspension Super Thermogenic” which, according to the manufacturer is the next level technology.

Here we are going to discuss all the 3 products of Performix SST, how do they work and the ingredients which makes them such a powerful fat burner.


Performix SST is using the time-release drug delivery system which gradually delivers the active ingredients to your system, regardless of what you eat.

The formula comprises of:

  • TERRA Pod Ballistic Beadlets in a shape of blue little balls which contain the active ingredients and turn the capsules into the time-release carrier.
  • Diffusion Carrier Oil is filled in each capsule, which is basically Linoleic Acid, the beadlets are floating in this liquid in the capsule shell.

How Does It Work?

The time release dosage system of Performix SST conveys the right amount of ingredients equally to your body.

performix sst capsule reviews
performix sst Capsules

To know the right mechanism of Performix SST a brief study on the ingredients is a must.

There is a thermogenic complex added which boost BMI of a person that allows him/her to lose weight at a much faster rate.

Then comes the CNS stimulants like caffeine, which activates the nervous system and improve a physical workout.

The last thing in the formula is cognitive enhancers which enhance the mental focus and increase creativity part of the brain.

What’s In Performix SST Formula?

Altogether, there is 1172 mg of active ingredients present in 2 capsules.

These are the Suspension Super Thermo Complex we are talking about which are combined by Terra pod ballistic beadlets and diffusion carrier oil.

In TERRA Pod Ballistic Beadlet you will find

  • Ashwagandha- Reduce stress and anxiety, elevates mood and takes care of your temperament even in hunger state.
  • Bitter Orange Extract-Induce thermogenesis which speeds up the cardiac output and ignites the fat burning process
  • Caffeine Powder- Stimulates central nervous system and maintain the mental alertness and focus
  • Huperzine-A- Blocks an enzyme that breaks acetylcholine, a must step towards weight loss. It also improves muscle contraction by the break down the acetylcholinesterase.
  • Yohimbine HCL- Pushes the fat elimination in the fat cells by signaling the neural pathway. It solely targets the cells, which contain an extra amount of fat content.
  • Bioperine- Improves the overall availability of ingredients to your system
  • Mucuna Pruriens- Acts as a thermogenic agent

The clear fluid which they call Diffusion Carrier Oil contains the following ingredients which are totally natural

  • Safflower Seed Oil (78% Purified)
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides

The purpose is to maintain your body sugar and cholesterol level in which you will no longer feel hunger cramps and will be provided different forms of nutrients.

Is Performix SST Really Effective?

The overall customer reviews about Performix SST is satisfactory, but not when it comes to the price.

The latest technological weight loss system is a little bit overpriced but that’s only because it is associated with only one company which is responsible for every part. Of course, the time-release delivery system is not that easy to design and it must have required technical staff to do so.

There are no side effects reported by any user, neither any form of muscle cramps which is associated with the majority of weight loss supplements.

If you are happy spending a few extra bucks you can get the safest and latest innovation as a weight loss diet pill for yourself.


The Performix SST Capsule is the prime product, but the company manufacturers another kind of products too.

performix sst powder reviews
performix sst Powder

Take an example of their pre-workout supplement going by the name Performix SST Powder which is simply mixed with water.

The package weighs about 2.6 kg which is the living proof that the amount of ingredients has been increased.

There are some inclusions and exclusions of the ingredients, but don’t be alarmed because every ingredient is available according to the tolerability level of an individual.

What’s Inside Performix SST Powder?

Comparing the formula of powder in capsules, there are some differences as in the pre-workout powder of Performix SST contain the majority of CNS Stimulants which mainly target the workout drive.

Here are the ingredients found in Performix SST Powder:

  • Choline Bitartrate- Helps in the production of acetylcholine, which manages cognitive skills and improves muscular contractions during workout time.
  • L-Carnitine– Exerts caffeine like action, along with the production of lean muscle mass with no extra fats.
  • Theacrine- Theacrine is a compound that is considered beneficial in stretching the workout times. By activating the neurons it will take you the next level of your workout and let you burn massive amounts of calories.
  • Alpha GPC- Promotes human growth hormone production which is the natural fat burners. Alpha GPC increases the workout potentials by breaking down an enzyme called Acetylcholinesterase which deactivates acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for exceeding energy amount.
  • 3’,5’-Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP)- cAMP is added in many pre-workout supplements which promise users never-ending stamina and efficient fat burn.

Stacking up the powder with Performix SST capsules can further potentiate your weight loss efforts and it may turn your body into more energetic.

Is Performix SST Powder Worth Buying?

Performix SST is arguably producing some impressive forms of weight loss products which can help men and women to lose weight and attain an ideal body.

Speaking of the ingredient, there is not an inclusion of a single ingredient which creates side effects.

The weight loss and energy enhancing effects are remarkable with SST Powder and it has become the supplement of choice for men who have just started cutting cycle.

The price of Performix SST Powder is cheaper than the capsules.


Performix SST Glow is actually a weight loss pill which is specifically designed for females who wants to look and feel younger.

performix sst glow reviews
performix sst Glow

After dropping a maximum number of weight the skin of your face gets dehydrate for which an ideal treatment is given in the form of SST glow.

The Performix SST Glow basically contains the same ingredients as SST Capsules but in addition, it contains some skin enhancing ingredients which get absorbed in the same body as the capsules.

I  mean the same time release delivery mechanism is added to its science of metabolism.

Females who have used SST Glow Complex are mildly happy with the ingredients in a matter of face nourishment; the fat burn effects are however pretty much endorsed.

Where to Buy Performix SST Supplements?

According to our sources, the official website is the only key place to find these supplements at a much-discounted price.

Do not waste your time at GNC or Amazon if you are looking for a quality product.

Final Verdict – Is Performix SST Supplements Worth Buying?

Speaking of a weight loss supplement which points towards the holistic approach, we think Performix SST is the kind that may impress you with its fast results.

The cutting edge style and most superbly the formula which delivers gradually is the byproduct of some serious next level science which is being introduced for the very first time as a diet pill.

Thermogenic weight loss pills are expert’s favorite because of various reasons.

They are not dangerous to human health, they improve the entire physical performance and with an inclusion of fat burners, their effects could be delivered very fast.

In our opinion, Performix SST is all in one weight loss supplements which not only reduce your overall weight but also equip you with brain-boosting abilities which turn you into more confident, focused and mentally contented even though you are the empty stomach.

The formula, unlike many diet pills, is not associated with bringing up the irritating behavior and mood swings.

Men and women who are seeking premium grade weight loss supplement can definitely try Performix SST for they won’t be disappointed with its results.

By Emma Clarkson

Weight Loss and Fitness Expert - Emma attended the University of Nevada for earning her Master Degree in Nutrition and Diet. After graduation, Emma attended Northern Nevada Medical Center where she provided services as a Medical Nutrition Therapy experts for the out and inpatients. She has been working with people of every age group and so far the most skilled writer we ever have got.